People ask me to write. I write a little bit, they ask me to write more.

Then I don’t write more. And that’s depressing, for both the people and myself. I have great ideas and they simply never make it out of my head. I have lousy ideas, and they stay there too.

The reason why they never make it out? Weirdly, because I know they will be read.

See, the thing is, I have plans tomorrow.

Not all my thoughts are good and clean, many of them will spawn discussion. But sometimes- perhaps most times- I don’t want to discuss them. I just want to get them out of my head. With the typical, modern day approach to things, topics get shared and discussed as soon as they are written. I don’t want that. I just want the ideas out.

And this is why diaries were invented, a place for someone to record their thoughts and specifically not share them. That’s all well and good, but it creates a problem. People still want me to write. People still want to read what I have to say. And, at least sometimes, I do feel like sharing.

I just don’t want to talk about it first thing tomorrow morning. I seriously do have other things to do.

Enter diary delayed.

I write, and I set a future publish date. This entry is the only one that will be published “real time” – from here on, every post will be published six weeks after it’s written.

Any thoughts or concerns I write here were actually my thoughts or concerns six weeks ago. If they were about a problem, chances are it’s already solved. If I was being an idiot, chances are by now I’ve recognized and begun to resolve my idiotic ways. If I was brilliant – the public publishing of my brilliance six weeks later will hopefully rekindle that line of thought I was having, and allow me to build on it.

Diary Delayed – where all the news is old news.


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Where all the news is old news.

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