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The Theory of Conservation of Emotional Pain

Conservation of energy is a well known an accepted thing. Within a given system, energy remains constant. It is never created nor destroyed, just transferred.

Call it lack of faith in humanity, emoism, or just plain pessimism: I’m beginning to feel the same is true for emotional pain. Continue reading The Theory of Conservation of Emotional Pain


Spoiling Christmas

One of the benefits I realized just today of the format of this blog is that I can write about Christmas now. I can tell the world that I got my kids a Roboraptor. Even if the kids read this, this won’t be published until well after they have their new robotic friend. What a relief. Sitting on surprises is so difficult. I’ll let wordpress keep the secret.

So I guess I’m not actually spoiling Christmas. But there was a time that I did . Continue reading Spoiling Christmas

How do you have time to write a book?

I met (met? is that the right word?) conversed with someone on imgur over the last 48hrs or so. We’ve done the standard getting to know each other, finding out how married and how many kids and what kind of work and what kind of music.

Since most of this conversation happened while I was at Fun Fun Fun Fest (That’s right, I went to a Festival with thousands of other people and ended up talking to someone in a chat window on my phone) I ended up mentioning that I ran into Teresa and Juliet. And therefore the book came up.

Unlike most of the discussions of the book, this one was short. My imgurian friend simply asked:

“How do you have time to write a book?” Continue reading How do you have time to write a book?

You’ve probably never heard of it

In 1997 I went to my first Warped Tour. It was notable for a lot of reasons, but the one I’d like to point out today is this: I went alone.

I was barely 17. My mom, in a stroke of genius which probably saved my life, had set a policy where I was allowed to drive basically where ever I wanted, but I was not allowed to have people with me in the car. Even if my friends had wanted to go, I couldn’t drive them without breaking the rules, and most of them did not have their own cars. Most of them had no idea why I’d want to go to a ‘warped tour’ anyway. Continue reading You’ve probably never heard of it