I don’t have much to say today mostly because I’m completely exhausted. The festival is over, it was great, I can’t feel my legs.

I realized today that I am a snob. In some ways, it was a releasing realization.


You’ve probably never heard of it

In 1997 I went to my first Warped Tour. It was notable for a lot of reasons, but the one I’d like to point out today is this: I went alone.

I was barely 17. My mom, in a stroke of genius which probably saved my life, had set a policy where I was allowed to drive basically where ever I wanted, but I was not allowed to have people with me in the car. Even if my friends had wanted to go, I couldn’t drive them without breaking the rules, and most of them did not have their own cars. Most of them had no idea why I’d want to go to a ‘warped tour’ anyway. Continue reading You’ve probably never heard of it

Windows ME Pinball

ed. This is a techgaze article. These are published near-real time, as timely discussion on them may be valuable.

So today sucked. And so did yesterday, and the day before. And the day before that we found out the wife has the breast cancer gene. So when it came to quitting time, I went to the local arcade and played a *lot* of pinball. Turns out I ended up thinking about work anyway.

In Austin, everything’s better, so the arcade here is like nothing I’ve ever been to. There are so many pinball machines that I propose an extension of the famous rule #34- Rule #35: if it exists, there is pinball of it. Tonight I saw Roller Coaster Tycoon Pinball, Dr. Who Pinball, Playboy Pinball, and even Space Jam Pinball. Anyhow I digress. This post is about writing software.

Continue reading Windows ME Pinball

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